Dear Hunala User,

Thank you for downloading Hunala. When we started this project, we built a forward-looking COVID-19 risk estimation tool that, we hoped, was easy for non-experts to understand, without it being intrusive or frustrating. Quantifying and mapping COVID-19 risk was challenging from the very beginning due to the complex range of associated symptoms, exacerbated by national and regional policies that have limited people's access to testing on the basis of symptoms that might not fully reflect the prevalence of infection. Additionally, our machine learning tools are dependent on willing users to not only complete the survey, but to encourage their face-to-face contacts to do the same. We have not gotten the traction, on a national scale, that we had hoped for. We have tried advertising the app, as well as mentioning it on media appearances, and upgrading it several times, but still this has not been enough. We have a very small university-based team, and have decided, alas, that we cannot support this app at the current scale.

There is a chance that, in the future, we will repurpose HUNALA for use in forecasting other sorts of infections or trends.

If you would like to consider another COVID-19 app, we can suggest the following for your consideration:

Tool Data it collects from the user What it returns
19 and Me Location, health status, safety precautions being taken and exposure to non-household members. Numerical score reflecting risk of contracting COVID-19, or of developing severe disease.
MyCOVIDRisk Location, the nature of the activity being done, the number of people involved and mask usage. Relative risk of exposure and infection, on a scale from very low to very high.
COVID-19 Event Risk Assessment Planning Tool Location and size of gathering. The likelihood of coming into contact with someone who has COVID-19.
COVID-19 Mortality Risk Calculator Information on demographic, pre-existing conditions and lifestyle. Risk of dying from COVID-19 relative to the general population.

Thank you for doing your part to advance network science. We have been honored to serve you. We wish you good health, now and in the future.


The Human Nature Lab at Yale University

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Protect yourself in three simple steps. Your location, check-ins and network build an intelligent assessment of your risk, so you know how to modify behavior and stay healthy.

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Developed by a team at Yale University, Hunala is powered by cutting-edge network science and machine learning. A mix of crowdsourced and public data are used to analyze regional trends and community distribution to develop a complete forecast of your risk. Our tools can keep you safer when it comes to COVID, the flu and other respiratory diseases too.


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We protect your privacy and do not store or share your personal information with other users or third parties. The information we collect from profiles and daily check-ins is used anonymously to estimate your personalized risk assessment.

US County Risk Levels

This map compares the current risk in each county to all of the other counties in the country.